Au-delà du verre / Beyond Glass

This book represents our newest works over a two year period, from 2010-2011. The section on boats and vessels is almost all new work from that time, much of which was present in the Ariana Museum exhibition. The many wonderful articles written combine reflections on the work itself, us as artists, as well as significant historical perspective about our place in the world of glass. The color images of the work are supported by several black and white images showing work in progress in Paris and Venice.

Texts from Rosa Barovier, Satish Kumar, Isabelle Naef-Galuba, Tina Oldknow, Sabine Runde, James Yood. 24 x 28cm, 192 pages, 150 illustrations, Photos by Christoph Lehmann.

Under an Equal Sky: Baldwin & Guggisberg at Canterbury Cathedral

Under an Equal Skyp Baldwin Guggisberg at Canterbury Cathedral Exhibition Installation Catalogue Catalog

We are pleased to announce the launch of the catalogue to our exhibition Under an Equal Sky at Canterbury Cathedral, now extended until 6 January 2019.

In addition to the 20 metre 'Boat of Remembrance' hanging in the historic Nave, nine works make up a carefully thought-through trail, some touching on the history of the Cathedral – that of Europe – and others resonating with the burning issues of today.

The 92-page, cloth-bound book contains comprehensive essays by Dr Jeffrey Sarmiento and Emma Crichton-Miller as well
as our thoughts on the ideas behind the show and evolution of the work, together with more than 50 colour images of the installations and their making.

L’Arche de Verre / The Arch of Glass

A most original work which seeks, and succeeds, in giving a window onto the working life of the two artists at a particular moment in time, 2010, as they developed their new series of boats and experimented with significant departures in cutting of vessels and related shapes. An intimate portrayal by way of an interview with Thierry de Beaumont, whose whimsical approach adds greatly to the dialogue with the artists.

Texts by Thierry de Beaumont and Essay by Rosa Barovier and Philip Baldwin. 17 x 24 cm, 96 pages. Photos by Gaëtane Fiona Girard.

Circus of Spheres / Cirque de Sphères

The Circus of Spheres: introduction of large scale sculpture with blown glass spheres and metal as part of a themed traveling museum exhibition: MUDAC (Museum of Applied Art) Lausanne, Switzerland, Het Koopmanshuis, Leusden Holland, and the National Glass Center, Sunderland, UK. Catalogue, full color, eighty-eight pages, interview with the artists, essays by David Revere Mcfadden and Roberto Gasparotto.

Battuto 2002

Battuto 2002 focuses on our experimentation with Italian "Batutto" cutting techniques, Ebeltoft Glass Museum, Denmark. Catalogue, 60 pages, full color, essay on “Battuto” by Louise Berndt.

hot glass cold glass

Museum exhibition, celebrating twenty years in Switzerland, at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. Hot Glass Cold Glass, curated and with text by Henrietta Eliezer Brunner. Catalogue in English and Hebrew, 84 pages, full color.

In Search of Clear Lines

Publication of our first book In Search of Clear Lines, comprehensive portaits of our first sixteen years of artistic collaboration, with essays by Suzanne K. Frantz and Jean-Luc Olivié.

Benteli Verlag, Bern, 1998, 178 pages, full color.

Editions also in French or German at

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