Fire Glass
Feature Film documentary 2007

Award-winning Swiss film director Pierre Kalbfuss has made a full length feature documentary about us and our work that premiered on Swiss national television in the Summer of 2007. It is an in-depth portrait of our collaboration and creations, including visits to the Murano cold-shop, Venini factory, studio hot-shop in Paris, SOFA, galleries, interviews with curators (David McFadden, Dan Klein, Jean-Luc Olivié), galleries (Tom Riley, Sandra Ainsley) and much ambiance: Paris, Venice, New York and Toronto. Original score by renowned French film composer Louis Crellier, 158 minutes. Available in DVD Available for ordering from October 2008, in PAL or NTSC.


The Elixir of Light

Our son Ian Baldwin, as part of an independent film project in his senior year in high school (2008) created a thirteen minute video about his parents' work in Paris and Venice. Glassblowing at our studio in Paris, at Venini, interviews, cutting at Paolo Ferro's moleria, and nice music! It may be viewed here in two parts on youTube.


"Question Maison" on France 5

Short interview with Philip and Monica in Paris, April, 2008.