Archives Spheres

Focusing on a single fundamental form, the sphere, we expanded on an idea that began as "Abaco," a lamp we made for Venini in 1998. It evolved to become one of our most ambitious and varied series of work since we came to glass in 1979.

With these pieces we have moved to free standing sculpture in two media, glass and metal. The core of the piece is the metal spine: the weaving, undulating, linear element which provides the structural backbone of the work. The glass gives it its freedom, its imagination, its life and buoyant exuberance. Our research in color and cutting is applied in multiple combinations of size, texture and pattern. Each piece tells a story from sphere to sphere, a conversation as in a musical score. The whole is meant to be make you laugh and delight in the play of the sculptural form of light and color.

The sphere is a fundamental and ubiquitous shape in our world and universe. It acts here as a building block for an image, a play on the things, beings and activities that shape our everyday world.

View some of our sphere installations and commissions here.